photo credit: georgie lord

photo credit: georgie lord

1. I was born in Essex but I grew up in Stratford upon Avon, a market town in Warwickshire best known as Shakespeare's birthplace

2. I went to university in Norwich when I was eighteen and ended up staying there for the next ten years

3. Except for the year I lived in Plattsburgh, New York

4. I studied American literature and continue to be a bit of an American literature geek.

5. I now live in east London and co-manage a bookshop called Housmans.

6. I always wanted to be a writer... but I also always wanted to be a journalist, singer, actor, doctor, lawyer, gymnast, surf instructor, bookseller, human rights campaigner, hacker, or librarian.

7. Some of my favourite writers (right now) include: Judy Blume, David Almond, Ani DiFranco, Bruce Springsteen, David Foster Wallace, Louise O'Neill, Patrick Ness, Maggie Nelson, Colson Whitehead, Tana French, Margaret Atwood, Junot Diaz, Aaron Sorkin, Roxane Gay and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

8. I like scary movies. Some of my favourites (right now) include: The Shining, The Blair Witch Project, The Exorcist, Jaws, Rec, the entire Paranormal Activity franchise, The Woman in Black (80s BBC made-for-tv version), The Orphanage, Lake Mungo... I've got a soft spot for even the trashiest of found-footage horror films. Don't know what this says about me.

9. My road to publication? It started when I was shortlisted for the Bath Novel Award in 2014. Finding an agent and a publisher all happened because of that.

10. Here's a Q&A I did over at MinervaReads